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  Founded in 1983, RML is a strategic business consulting corporation organized to provide precise evaluation and support for a business or organization from a total unit perspective. Our expressed principle is to marry your corporate vision and purpose with your company’s content, performance, personnel, structure, and statistics. A firm must be able to discern and utilize all information available. It must know where it is at any stage to progress to where it wants to be.

RML empowers each client to create and press the limits of their perceptions, while providing sound professional guidance and knowledge to move them forward for growth. Consistency, integrity, personal mentoring, and comprehensive professional support are engaged all at the clients pace.


It is said that dreams are our roadmaps to the future. We at RML customize our service to the specific individual needs of each client. Explicit client privacy is our hallmark. Call upon RML to assist your business or organization to achieve the successful future you truly expect.”

- Robert Lawn, President and CEO.
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